Week 7: Disappointment


They are deeply sad, full of angst.  We offer a small action they can take which, when combined with tens of thousands of others, might be noticed.  “What difference will it make?  Will it work for me to call the Paul Ryan to denounce Bannon?”

I do not know, maybe it will or maybe it won’t.  Does it mean we shouldnt try it?  The alternative is to stay quiet, complain in the safety of our own houses and know that we did nothing to stand in the way of the tsunami which is coming to destroy the values we hold dear.  

Be prepared, my friends.  We will face many disappointments on this journey.  Apathy might protect us from disappointment but will not be able to protect our values.  Know that we can lean on each other to get through them.  And draw strength from those who re-emerged from disappointment time and time and time again.  

“We must accept finite disappointment but must never lose infinite hope.”     -MLK Jr.

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