Entry 10: Radio Show


I turned the dial on the rental car radio, with snippets of one country station after another.  It finally lands on a talk radio show, and I stop to listen to a host discussing hydrostatic pressure.

“…  the water pushes up against the foundation of a house, and over time, the persistent pressure creates cracks and that is hydrostatic water pressure,” he says,  “and man, over time, that hydrostatic pressure can knock over a house”!  

I don’t know much about hydrostatic water pressure, but I appreciate his story, which I assume is a metaphor for some other point, though I don’t yet know what lesson I am expected to absorb.  I immediately speculate that it’s related to the political realm.  Is this a conservative talk show that is inciting tea party listeners how to agitate the political system and obstruct legislative progress?  He continues.

“… and that’s how you are going to get rid of your debt …”

Oh!  So it’s a financial advising radio show.  I chuckle sheepishly at my assumption that everything in the south of the US would revolve around politics.  The host takes another caller, someone asking about the prospects for an e-bay business.  I start to focus on the voices, and note that the host’s voice doesn’t really have a southern accent.  It’s subtle–  something in the rhythm of his sentences, but I can’t nail it down.  I admit to myself the bias I bring with me about the culture of the south, and start to unravel my notions.  

He finishes and thanks her for calling in.  In closing the show, he reminds us to tune in every week, and offers one last piece of global advice for his listeners.

“… and remember, if you want to find lasting financial peace, follow the Prince of saving himself, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Good bye!”

My eyes gape. How did Jesus make a last act cameo on this radio show on financial advice?  Was Jesus Christ good with money?  I hadn’t heard, but that wouldn’t be surprising.   

Or is this a gimmick to entice people to tune in for Holy advice for their human problems?  And in that case, is the host qualified?  

I continue driving down the highway, wondering what Jesus would do if He walked with us today.  

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