“Monica facilitated our anti-racism book club and I was so grateful for her insights, wisdom, and gentle communications style as she guided us through some difficult to grapple with subjects. Her frameworks for tackling racism were enlightening and helped me find my voice and my place in the fight against systemic racism. Our interactions helped me get over feeling stuck and as if the issue were too big to tackle, and now I’m grateful to have direction and purpose in taking action.” – MCF

“Monica Biswas is an incredibly talented coach who held a sacred space for me to get in touch with my own racial bias and conditioned upbringing. As humans generally and White Americans specifically, we are being called to wake up the fact of our contribution to and benefit from the racism baked into our everyday lives and the impact this has on BIPOC.  This is not easy work.  Monica held me in my work with compassion and non-judgement while keeping me honest.  She gave me tools to use to calm down my nervous system and treat myself with gentleness while looking at some things that I am not proud.  She always encouraged me to stick with it and had faith that I have the resilience required to come out a better and more humane human being on the other side.  I am grateful to Monica and her coaching and strongly recommend working with her.” -Deanne W.

“Working with Monica helped unstick me–from my self. She helped me become more open to possibilities that I had previously automatically disregarded. I learned techniques for listening to my body and wisdom and information it had to share. I learned the power of setting an Intention (and as hokey as it sounded to me, it seems to have worked). I learned how to begin to address my own resistance by using Turtle Steps. “

“Working with Monica helped me clarify many of my own opinions, wishes, resistances and beliefs.  Conversations with Monica were thoughtful, sometimes playful and often experiential. She is both intuitive and knowledgeable in guiding the explorations. Somehow my sessions  were both soothing and ever so slightly challenging–she helped me move at my own pace, even though I didn’t know what it was.”

“No kidding, but I have met all the goals I set when I started with Monica (becoming more joyous, starting to write and losing weight). I am deeply grateful to Monica in helping put me on a path of greater openness, curiosity and joy in my life. ” – S.P.

“I was going through a very difficult time at work and I a friend of mine recommended me to contact Monica. Since the beginning, she made everything easy:  defining the dynamic of the sessions, flexibility on the schedule, formal agreement… and everything was established online. During our sessions, she got to understand where I was and helped me to do practical exercises to make me aware and feel in control about my emotions, my thinking process, and how it affects my behaviors and other perceptions. In three months, I have been able to rebuild myself, changed my job and feel ready to be the best version of myself. Thanks Monica!! ” -Laura B.


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