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I offer facilitation services for social justice groups who want to preserve the energy of activists as they achieve their anti-racist missions.

Racism …

… is built into the fabric of the founding of this country and persists today in ways large and small.  Each of us has a different relationship to racism and our reactions and ability to respond to incidents of racism vary.  Most recently, the lives and deaths of #BreonnaTaylor, #GeorgeFloyd, #TonyMcDade have made the national news.  When our hearts truly open to the realities of the deaths of Black people at the hands of the police, it is unthinkable.

For Social Justice Organizations …

A Coaching Program Tailored for You …

Are you a new or established group working on social justice in your community? Are you challenged to figure out what projects are right for your organization’s unique strengths? Are your members suffering from burnout?

I help small community organizations build the infrastructure needed to leverage their unique strengths to achieve their mission while preserving the energies of members. Let’s connect if you want your organization to feel abundantly energized in its anti-racism work.

This coaching program may be for your organization if you need to:

  • Define your organization’s vision, mission and principles
  • Develop collective agreements about how the group will work and rest, raise and address conflict
  • Build key infrastructure to facilitate collective work and prevent burnout
  • Identify projects that leverage the unique strengths of the organization and aligns with the mission and vision

This coaching program is customized to your group’s strengths and needs. Discovery sessions will define community needs, opportunities and organizational strengths. A proposal will leverage methods from the disciplines of Emergent Strategy, Project Management, Public Health Practice and Individual Behavior Change.

Cost and Testimonials

It is my intention that cost not be a barrier to any organization who wants to work on these issues. If you think facilitation might be of use to you, contact me so we can get acquainted and see if it’s a good fit.  

You can find testimonials of people who have worked with me here.

“Monica Biswas is an incredibly talented coach who held a sacred space for me to get in touch with my own racial bias and conditioned upbringing. … This is not easy work.  Monica held me in my work with compassion and non-judgement while keeping me honest.  She gave me tools to use to calm down my nervous system and treat myself with gentleness while looking at some things that I am not proud.  She always encouraged me to stick with it and had faith that I have the resilience required to come out a better and more humane human being on the other side.  I am grateful to Monica and her coaching and strongly recommend working with her.”

– Deanne W.