Feel Your Feet

Time Required: 
3 minutes
You’ll need: 
Safe surface to be barefoot
For alternatives: multiple surfaces (carpet, tile, grass)
Body Position: 
Bare Feet
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  1. Get into a comfortable standing position.  It can be helpful to close your eyes and take two deep breaths to settle the mind.
  2. Sense the skin on the bottom of your feet.  Do a scan of the bottom of your foot– sense your heel, then your outer edges of your foot, then your big toe, and then the base of the big toe.  What parts of your feet are in contact with the floor? Do you feel the air on any parts of your feet that are not touching the floor directly, like the arch of the foot, or the curved parts of your toes? What is the texture of the floor’s surface?  Is it rough, smooth, wet? What’s the temperature?
  3. Sense your balance.  Are you leaning more on one foot than the other?  You do not need to change the balance, just notice what is occurring naturally.
  4. Walking exercise.  Now start walking at a slow pace, trying to maintain attention to the bottoms of your feet.  

At any point, if you do not find a sensation, that is ok!  In fact, noticing that you do NOT feel a sensation is as important an observation as feeling a sensation.  If you find yourself feeling frustrated, shake that off by taking a few breaths. Imagine your breath entering your nose and feel it inflating your shoulders.  Then go back to whatever step you were on and continue.

Add on or alternatives:

Try the same activities on a different surface and see what different sensations you feel.  

One thought on “Feel Your Feet

  1. I find walking one of the best ways for me to practice mindfulness. I use no earphones, and my cell phone is turned off. Just listening to the birds calling, the squirrels scurrying, the pants of a dog walking with her partner, and then the quiet patter of my own thoughts, quieted with each step, bring me to a peaceful serenity.

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