Entry 49: Bit By Bit

A lump, gray, nondescript But in my vision it is glorious i lay my simple tool On the gripping surface Scrape away one sliver Then another  […]

Entry 37: The Audacity of Canvas

Who am I To fill this canvas, With colors of my whim Following paths of my Untethered desires? Why spend Time away from familial duties, Hard […]

Entry 32: Tree

She dances solo On a patch of grass Across from the prison wall   Birch white, with swirls of gray Like a couture gown on a […]

Entry 26: What if we were to take from the Earth

What if we were to take from the Earth Only what we needed To feel whole and fulfilled and beautiful? What if we were to ask […]

Entry 25: Vibrance

Sacrifices dilute Fade my colors Mixed with your tired hue makes Mushy gray violet The color of nothing Sucks the joy out of Everything Inside me […]

Entry 23: Never

I never walked through a cold forest Alone with my fears Lighting a fire to survive. I never jumped from a plane My face skin whipped […]

Entry 21: The Better Artist

Who is the better artist? The one who draws precisely what she Sees With each stroke, Shading carefully, Measuring for proportions Converting canvas into reality, As […]

Entry 19: The Magic of Art

I first witnessed Art when I was 8 years old.  I came upon a black and white photo print, taken by my dad, in a paper […]