Entry 62: Intent and Impact

Dear Allies,If you are called out for a microaggression, focus on your impact, not your intent.  If you hurt someone, it does not make you bad, […]

Entry 61: Daughter of Immigrants

The photograph is faded, possibly a polaroid.  There is a woman with brown skin and long black hair, wearing a salwar kameez, helping to steady a […]

Entry 60: Where are you on your anti-racism journey?

Here are phases i see people flowing through on their anti-racism journey. Where do you find yourself? Are you struggling or finding ease there? What are […]

Entry 58: That one note

a shrill, clean ting pulses on the  drum of my ear. in response, my body and blood reverberate, their frequency  resonating with the  vibration of my […]

Entry 57: Breonna Taylor

I clean up the dishes from dinner, wipe down the counter top.  I tell Ken that I’m heading to sleep.  I brush my teeth, change out […]

Entry 56: The scent and the thorns

This moment contains the Agony of not knowing what tomorrow will bring,  And the certainty that it will be the same. It contains the fear of […]

Entry 55: Dualities in Daily Life

Like most people, the activities of daily life have been completely altered by the arrival of #COVID-19.  At times, it feels turbulent, as if I’m inside […]

Entry 54: A Difficult Mother

By many counts i am a  Difficult mother. With a tight jawed glare i scold without a word. Loving order and tidiness A chore is always […]

Entry 53: Strike, Then Flow: How dance taught me to let go of a grudge

Feel the ground underneath your feet, keep your knees soft, says Maria.  Hold, but don’t clench, the abdominal muscles. Then twist from the core, rotate shoulders, […]