Entry 37: The Audacity of Canvas


Who am I

To fill this canvas,

With colors of my whim

Following paths of my

Untethered desires?

Why spend

Time away from familial duties,

Hard earned money on

Brushes and paints?


The canvas is for

The creative,

The inspirational,  

The movement builders

With a vision for the masses.


I have only a quiet

Yearn in my heart for

Vibrant colors and curved lines,

A small ache in my soul for

Texture and beauty.


Who am I

To fill this canvas?


rainbow spirit

Entry 25: Vibrance


Sacrifices dilute

Fade my colors

Mixed with your tired hue makes

Mushy gray violet

The color of nothing

Sucks the joy out of


Inside me knows only my true

Color will complete the masterpiece of my


You need to find your primary


I cannot pour my paint onto your


I can only shine my

Light as you feel your way through your

Darkness. I am shining my