Entry 13: Family


Our family is sweet, except when we’re not.  

Sometimes the arguments are spicy and hot.

Other times one of us becomes subdued

And you could say, he is in a sour mood.  


When the boys use salty words, we are stern.

But over time, I want them to learn

That strong words can be our choice

They give vibrance and tang to our voice.


A bitter attitude —  mine, not theirs,

Will spoil and pollute the air.

I regret leaving behind a bad taste

Ultimately, I feel shame and disgrace.


But our palates are designed for complex blends,

We are resilient – we can make amends.

In the end, whether we are happy or blue

The range of flavors are universal and true


I want them to relish everything and be free

Because in essence, that allows me to be me.