Entry 30: Time Stretches


I open my eyes to a morning glow

for one moment there is


the clock stands silent

until my mind knocks on the door of my


chattering quietly then quicker

the clock ticking and tapping

I inhale a slow


soothing the prattle

my neurons awaken pulsing with


choices stem from there

in the morning I meander among the redwoods

and delight my taste buds

filling my stomach with freshness

I then voyage to the

farthest waters watching blue whales

leap from choppy seas

mid-day I attempt to learn to knit

fingers fumbling

relieved of the burden to know-it-all

over dinner I commune with a loved one

sharing heart stories and dreams

then I paint works of art that

mirror the anatomy of my soul

before dreamtime I ponder and

breathe in

chest expanding

the wonder of a day where



until tomorrow