Entry 45: What if: I am infinite


I am infinite.  I am worth more than the size of my home, my salary, or even the money in the bank account.  I am more than the number of (facebook or IRL) friends I have, I am more than the number of activities that my children are in, I am more than their good behavior, and I am more than their bad behavior. I am more than the state of my relationship, I am more than the compliments from acquaintances. I am worth more than the number of people who ‘like’ this poem.   I am more than the good deeds I have done, and more than the mistakes I haven’t learned from yet.

I am more than the sum of the value of each of these things.  

That means I do not need to make things perfect or appear to be so.  I am what I am at this moment and it is enough.

I do not need to do things to make myself skinnier, more popular, richer, busier, more fashionable, more powerful, more well-read, more cultured, more witty.  

I only need to do what feels right at any given moment.  When I take away those doubts about my worth, I uncover love, for myself, and for everyone around me.

Inhale and breathe.

That means everyone in the world, is infinite. Everyone is worth more than their home, salary or bank accounts.  More than their Twitter followers, more than the car they drive or the gadgets they own. More than the clothes they wear, or neighborhood they live in. More than the language they speak, the color of their skin or their citizenship status.  They do not need to make themselves more skinny, popular, rich, busy, fashionable, powerful, well-read, cultured, witty. For me or for anyone else.

What if each of us started out our day believing we are enough as we are in this moment?  

Entry 38: Vibration


You sense the whirring

The hisses and purrs

You clutch your anchor to

Still the vibrations


You are frightened

I am not, lifted


Hovering an inch

Above the Earth

At ease with the buzz

Electrifying my every intention


I surrender



Shields, en-lightened


I see your magnificence

I see your struggle

I love you with my heart

Connected to All Hearts


You’ll lose sight of me

As I rise through the clouds

I  am still




Just as you are




Entry 26: What if we were to take from the Earth


What if we were to take from the Earth

Only what we needed

To feel whole and fulfilled and beautiful?

What if we were to ask others to give

Only what they were capable of giving?

What if we were only to create

Art and poetry,

Relationships and communities,

Products and companies,

That bring love and healing?

What if we each were to feel the pain

Of all other beings?

What if you were to expect yourself to be

Only what you are in the


Stillness of your safe place?

What if we were to take from the Earth

Only what we needed?

Week 4: Cora


Wine – red wine – on her teak table,

Kerrygold in her fridge,

White bathmats and Boogie boards

Mani-Pedis and flip flops.

Her passport was worn with takeoffs and landings

She relished everything about the journey

History, geography

Surfing or camping and lounging.

Her wig and bandana travelled with her

They would never hold her back

She traveled but was not lost,

She knew just where she was going

But she’ll never see the northern lights

I went on without her.

Left her at the hospital,

without a phone to call.

We were the lucky ones

she helped us find what was in our heart

Oh Cora, there was always a part

You saved just for us.

She will never know how much I miss her

How her big heart fit into the smallness of mine

She travelled but was not lost,

She knew just where she was going

Oh, she travelled but was never lost,

She knew just where she was going.